Spam Hunter

Viagra, penis enhancements, porn, mortgage rates, and much more are shoved into my inbox everyday. I'm not trying to win the spam war. I just like to vent by choosing one email a day, tracing down the jerk who sent it and publishing any antics that ensue.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

cheat adsense

[spammed to my blog]
I have been to your site and I too am working very hard at cheat adsense to increase my revenue. I am also looking into many NEW ways to utilize the design to further direct people to follow my ads.
cheat adsense

Human stupidity always amazes me. Who would be dumb enough to spam a blog whose sole purpose is to track down spammers? DEAN HARTMANN is such a man. Dean has taken up the challenge of being the most idiotic person on the planet and I think he's doing quite well at it. I had three comments on my blog, which I doubt very many people even read, from Dan peddling some adsense scheme. I traced his link ( via whois to SYC Enterprises. I haven't done much research on this "business" but it's linked to a bunch of spamming related schemes. Most of the pages are already down but thankfully there are google caches. Could this be our prized idiot? It's possible, the page is hosted on a site regarding "joint marketing" efforts. Apparently Dan believes that he is simply marketing via the Internet and not polluting it with worthless crap. This isn't the first time for Dan either. He is listed on Spam Warden who shows he's affliated with The SFI Marketing Group.
SFI claims to have BBB membership so if your the victim of some of their new "marketing" efforts perhaps you should drop the BBB a line to let them know what Dean is up to. No perl code in this post. I just wanted to track down the moron who spammed my blog.