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Viagra, penis enhancements, porn, mortgage rates, and much more are shoved into my inbox everyday. I'm not trying to win the spam war. I just like to vent by choosing one email a day, tracing down the jerk who sent it and publishing any antics that ensue.

Monday, May 23, 2005

MS Office 2003 Pro $69.95 Windows

This is just to show what a poor spam looks like

All the links in the email look like this:

The %25rnd_url portion means that this came from a "kit" and the spammer either ran the generation incorrectly or the original author is an idiot. I could see either case holding true. I'm too tired to track this scum down tonight. Maybe later :)

For some reason there is a google adsense embedded. I would imagine this could identify the person if needed


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